The catheter uses a patented, time-tested technology to provide faster and more effective treatment for clots, and its sturdy construction makes it more versatile.


Pressure Response Outlets

Patented Time-Tested Technology For more than twenty years, the pressure response outlet technology has led the way for treatment of peripheral clot with catheter directed thrombolysis. The unique fluid outlets allow for an even distribution of fluid volume along the entire length of the infusion resulting in a 12-fold advantage with the patented slit technology of the  catheter over conventional side hole catheters. 


Even Distribution Results in Faster Treatment of Clot

The catheter exposes as much of the drug as possible to as much of the surface area of the clot as possible increase the rate of lysis, hasten enzyme action, and minimize dilution. Side hole catheters, on the other hand, follow the path of least resistance, often resulting in the thombolytic agent diverting away from the thrombus into collateral vessels proximal and/or distal to the thrombus, depending on catheter placement.


Sturdier Construction Allows for More Versatility

Since less actual catheter material is removed when making slits versus making holes, the patented slit technology allows for a stronger catheter with more pushability. This is important for tortuous anatomy or positioning the catheter in tight clot accumulation.

  • Verfügbare Konfigurationen

    Erhältlich in 4F und 5F.

    Katheterlänge in 45cm, 90cm und 135cm.

    Infusion Länge 2cm, 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm und 50cm.