Tacking Balloon

Tacking Balloon

• Ultimate Tacking For Large Vessels And Peripheral Vascular Stentgrafts
• High Dilatation Range For Optimal Remodeling
• Low Profile For Best Deployment And Retrievability
• Very Fast Inflation and Deflation Times


• The AltoSa-SFT Balloon is especially designed for large lumen dilatation and
tacking of peripheral endoprosthesis.
• The very fast in,- and deflation time makes the AltoSa-SFT safe and easy to use.
• HD (PU) Material which is used in the AltoSa-SFT Tacking balloon, is highly
puncture resistant and reliable for multiple dilatations.
• Increased visibility leading to higher accuracy in positioning of the balloon.
• A low profile helps advancing the AltoSa-SFT easily even through small
interventional sheaths and combines perfectly with modern stent-grafts.

  • Verfügbare Konfigurationen

    Balloon Material: HD PU Material
    Balloon Compliance: Compliant
    Shaft Diameter: 10.5 F
    Marker Distance & Balloon Length: 40mm & max 46mm
    Recommended max Diameter: 46 mm at 53 ml
    Rated Burst: 50 mm at 100 ml
    Shaft Length: 65 cm /100 cm
    Recommended Guide Wire 0.035" (0.89 mm)
    Recommended Sheath Introducer: 12F

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