Mikro-Infusionssysteme Kit mit Hochdruckmöglichkeit

Mikro-Infusionssysteme Kit mit Hochdruckmöglichkeit

The Pulse-Spray* infusion system supplies you with the tools you need to efficiently pulse
your chosen therapeutic agent into the target vessel. It is an effective, safe and practical alternative to
continuous infusion of mtherapeutic agents.


Features of the Pulse-Spray Infusion System
• Unique fluid outlets, called Pressure Response Outlets, allow for an even distribution of fluid volume along the entire length of the clot3 resulting in a 12-fold advantage with the slit technology of the Pulse-Spray* catheter over conventional side hole catheters
• Finger flange allows users to increase injection force with small 1 ml syringe, resulting in high pressure bursts
• Dual check valve ensures pulsed therapeutic agent exits only from the catheter’s pressure response outlets
• Occluding ball wire occludes end hole of catheter, providing the proper force to active pressure response outlets
• Y-connector holds occluding ball wire in place during pulsed infusion
• Choice of 10 or 20 ml syringe to administer therapeutic agent during procedure

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