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• New Generation Of High Pressure XL-­‐PTA Balloon
• Delivers High & Low Pressure For Extra´Performance in XL-­‐PTA Technology
• Non-­‐Compliant Technology Reducing The Risk Of Overdilation
• Stenting Indication For All XL Stents


•The AltoSa-­‐Premier Maximum Pressure XL-­‐PTA Balloon is especially designed for large
lumen dilatation.
Low & High Pressure Angioplasty with reduced risk of overdilation.
•Maximum Pressure for Maximum Performance combined with low profile make
this Balloon an excellent choice to treat everyday and most difficult lesion.
The AltoSa-­‐Premier has a stenting indication and can deploy all XL Stents that
are on the Market.
• New ComBO NYPE material for high puncture resistance and reliable multiple dilatations
with fast inflation & deflation time
• Increased Marker Visibility leading to more accurate positioning.

  • Verfügbare Konfigurationen

    Balloon Material: NEW COMBO NYPE
    Balloon Compliance: Non-Semi compliant
    Shaft Diameter: 6F/7F
    Profile: 3 Fold Technology
    Nominal Pressure: 10/12 bar
    Rated Burst Pressure: 18 bar
    Shaft Length: 75 cm
    Recommended Guide Wire 0.035" (0.89 mm)
    Recommended Sheath Introducer: Ranging 7F – 8F


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