Doppellumiger (CTO) Katheter

Doppellumiger (CTO) Katheter

High Shaft Maneuverability
The optimized configuration and materials ensure high shaft maneuverability.
- Thin and flexible tip and distal shaft
- Pliable and sturdy proximal shaft

Smooth GW Movement
Double-layer lumen ensures smooth GW movement.

Easy to Estimate the Length of Lesion
Two radiopaque markers on the RX lumen make it easier to estimate the length of the lesion.

  • Verfügbare Konfigurationen

    Der doppellumige (CTO)Katheter ist in einer Konfiguration verfügbar.

    Länge 140cm 

    Führungsdraht-Kompatibilität: 0.014''

    Proximal: 3.2 F

    Distal: 2.2 F