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Covered Balloon Expandable XL Stent

• CVS PTFE covered high performance balloon expandable stent
• Extra wide dilatation range for covered balloon expandable stents
• Superior radial force with safety of delivery and performance
• Unique Sandwich covering with widest expansion range

  • Verfügbare Konfigurationen

    Material: HD Cobalt Chromium MP35N
    Stent Design: Hybrid Cell Design

    Dilatation Range  L-Stent: 9 ZIGS To Range From 8mm – 18mm Ø
    Recommended Sheath L-Stent: 6 F (+ 1F) depending on the PTA

    Dilatation Range  XL-Stent: 12 ZIGS To Range From 16mm – 28mm Ø
    Recommended Sheath XL-Stent: 8 F (+ 1F) depending on the PTA

    Dilatation Range XXL Stent: 15 ZIGS To Range From 22mm – 35mm Ø
    Recommended Sheath XXL Stent: 10F (+ 1F) depending on the PTA


    Stent Recoil: < 2.4%


    Covering: Unique PTFE Sandwich Technology


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