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Bare Metal Balloon Expandable XL Stent

• World Largest Diameter Balloon Expandable Stent
• Highly Flexible With Minimal Foreshortening For BX-Stents
• Superior Radial Force With Safety Of Delivery And Performance
• Improved Technology



• The Optimus CoCr stent is especially designed for large vessel support,
extra safety in every day and difficult procedures. Taking the good design
of previous hybrid cell designed XL CoCr stent and making it better in terms
of Expansion Range, Foreshortening, Radial Force and production Quality.
• The HD CoCr material and the hybrid-cell design allow highest radial force
and superior flexibility with minimal foreshortening.
• The Optimus CoCr Stent is intended for use in complex interventional
procedures where incremental features, and structural consistence is


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    Material: HD Cobalt Chromium MP35N


    Stent Design: Hybrid Cell Design


    Dilatation Range  L-Stent: 9 ZIGS To Range From 8mm – 18mm Ø
    Recommended Sheath L-Stent: 6 F (+ 1F) depending on the PTA


    Dilatation Range XL-Stent: 12 ZIGS To Range From 16mm – 28mm Ø
    Recommended Sheath XL-Stent: 8 F (+ 1F) depending on the PTA


    Dilatation Range XXL Stent: 15 ZIGS To Range From 22mm – 35mm Ø
    Recommended Sheath XXL Stent: 10F (+ 1F) depending on the PTA


    Stent Recoil: < 2.8%


    Surface / Artery Ratio 18% -23%


    Strut-thickness: 0.010"


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